QRQ — Safer Queuing System in Response to Pandemic

Improve your visitors’ waiting experience and reduce the spread of the virus

Your visitors will be glad to not have to wait in line
Visitors can follow the progress of the queue on their smartphones. There is no need to wait inside the premises with other people — the smartphone will notify the visitor when the turn comes.
Keep your employees and visitors safe
QRQ eliminates crowds and promotes social distancing. So your employees can be less worried about their health and focus more on their duties.
Setup queue management system in minutes for free
There is no need to buy any hardware, install apps or even fill a sign-up form. Initial setup can be done in minutes and the service is entirely free to use.

How It Works

  1. Visitor claims his place in the queue by scanning a QR-code displayed on a sign at your entrance. Position in the queue and the approximate waiting time will appear on the smartphone’s screen.

  2. Visitor can wait outside, sit in the car or just walk nearby. There is no need to wait in line.

  3. QRQ updates information on the smartphone screen in real-time and notifies visitor with text messages so it’s hard to miss the turn.

Manage your Queue

Manage the queue with a simple interface. All can be done with a smartphone with no need to install any software.

Common Questions

Is it completely free?
Is it possible to setup a queue status display with QRQ?
Yes. After creating queue you will be provided with a “status display” URL like this one: qrq.app/status/810407. Since it’s just a web page status screen could be displayed on Smart TV or any display with a microcomputer connected. Of course, an Internet connection is necessary for the device to open the URL.
What languages are supported?
For now it’s English, Russian, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Swedish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Hindi, Thai, Arabic. If you want to help with translations please contact us with an email at inbox@qrq.app.
I have a clinic/museum/carwash/… Will QRQ suit my needs?
Just try it. It takes minutes to set up. QRQ is flexible and can be applied to various scenarios. As an example, you can replace a live queue with an electronic queue or control the number of people indoors. You decide how to use QRQ.

If you are missing any functionality or just having difficulties with deploying QRQ, write us: inbox@qrq.app.
How to start using QRQ?
Just press "Set up QRQ" button and follow the instructions:
Set up QRQ